Dec 5, 2014

Well here goes nothing!!!!

So today is the first day i worked up the courage to post on my blog. 

Why did I start one? To be honest it isn't because I have anything anyone wants to hear about but I would love to be a product tester / Layout designer for great companies like Kiwi Lane and Queen and Co.  So there you have it my ulterior motive !!! 

Beware I will be saying Merry Christmas A LOT !!! 


PS: I will also mention The ScrapRack and Organization too!


  1. Anna, good for you!!! love my Scrap Rack and Queen and Co. too!!!

  2. way to go girl. can you teach us remodeling bathrooms too?

  3. Well, you're already working on Scrap Rack's behalf as I never heard of it before. Always looking for clever ways to store things.