Jun 17, 2016

Road Trip USA Blog Hop!!!



 Today's hop is all about traveling this great country of ours and all the crafty projects are inspired by that travel theme.

We've got a bit of everything for you today, so be sure to stop by each blog and leave a little love in the form of a comment. One comment will be chosen from all those left on the hop by June 30th for a Stampin' Up prize pack and the winner will be announced on next month's hop. 
Welcome to my part of the hop! 
You should have arrived here from 
I should change my name to 
"Exhausted Grandma"!!!  
This grandma is moving to a new house. Let me tell ya, it is rather difficult to move 17 years of crap all by yourself! AND lose over 800 sq ft of house!
I won't go into the filth the previous owner left for me to clean up!! 
Anyway a few years ago I had a fantastic job as a roadie working for a production company and was lucky enough to go from one end of the USA to the other every 6 wks. I decided to do a photo album of ME for the grand kids so when I am gone they will know what a cool grandma they had. LOL So here are a few of my layouts from 
I had so much fun this day! 
Everyone who knows me knows I can get lost in my own back yard so my title page for NYC is
after a movie Lost in NY. 

 These photos were taken while on the Gov.Island ferry.

 To give you an idea of how lost I was, I actually walked out of Macy's and looked up and asked a man standing on the sidewalk "Is that the Empire State Bldg? It was right in front of me! LOL

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