Jul 27, 2015

All things Frozen!!

All I can say is it is that time of year again!!!

The combined birthday party is upon us!

Since my granddaughters birthdays are less than 7 days apart we have been
having combined parties since granddaughter #2 was born.  Makes things
much easier.  However, we did have to convince the 5 yr old that she wanted
another "Frozen" party since she was in Florida for last year's birthday we sort of did a mini Frozen party for her there.  This year she wanted a Spiderman party.  The 3 yr old still wants a Frozen party.  So I compromised and said I would put Spiderman climbing the castle wall.. Grand #1 is thrilled with this.

I was up till 2 AM cutting pieces for Rosettes for the Happy Birthday banner.
Which I plan on entering in the County Fair prior to the party!

All I can say is the "Summer" version of Frozen is a bit difficult to pull off.
I had to hunt for the right shades of paper (after buying all the ice, snow flake and blue paper)  But I think I nailed it and will be adding sunflowers too.

I received my Cricut Frozen cartridge in the mail Friday so needless to say it will get a workout.  We are also making Olaf parts so the kids can build a snowman on their own treat bag.  

I have made one card so far for the 3 yr old.

This is a cut file from SVG Cuts and super easy to assemble.

I will make another castle for the 5 (turning 6) yr old and try to include spider man..ugh.

I am always amazed at the speed in which they can change their minds on birthday party themes.  The 5 yr old went from Frozen to Bubble guppies, to Spiderman.  Thank goodness we are back to Frozen!!

Have a wonderful day and God Bless you all!

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